Discover The Garden

Yew Tree Cottage sits at the end of a bumpy lane, surrounded by gardens, pasture, hedgerows and arable land that changes in colour and texture throughout the year.  When the core of the cottage was originally constructed, likely by and for a farm worker in and around 1450, the fields would have been tiny, with no hedges and and the cottage set amidst dense deciduous forest.  By the 1990’s when I moved in, the cottage had not only experienced multiple extensions and renovations but stuck up like a soar thumb in a huge pasture virtually devoid of trees.

What you experience now is the current manifestation of a dream to create various “rooms” with different personality. It’s very much a work of progress, with years of intense care interrupted by years of neglect when I had to move away. Now, thanks to climate change, it’s  a lesson in adaptation. These two pictures – taken from the bedroom in the Family Suite, illustrate the changes over a 14 year period – the on the left was taken in 2003; the other in the Spring of 2017.

Our guests are most welcome to enjoy the garden’s various spaces . Children can play safely here – except around the ponds where some supervision is necessary. We’ve two outbuildings that make nice living areas – a chalet that soaks up the afternoon sun, and a studio that enjoys the morning rays.



Video of Back Garden May 7th, 2017

When you’re tired of this, step the lane and discover our surroundings…..